Careers in Alabama

Position:  Firetrol continues to expand in Mobile.  Our unprecedented growth has created career opportunities for all fire protection and life safety positions.  Positions include Fire Sprinkler Technicians (Fitters), A& D Technicians, Helpers, A&D and Fire Sprinkler Designers, Professional Sales, Administrative positions and Management and Supervision opportunities. 

Requirements:  Each job has specific requirements, including certain licenses, certifications, education and/or relevant work experience.  Individuals with years of experience in fire suppression and life safety  and those just starting out are encouraged apply.  Each application will be considered based upon the individual’s qualifications and relevant work experience.

Firetrol is in an Equal Opportunity Employer.

Job Description:  The job duties will vary depending upon the specific position.  As a One Source Fire Protection and Life Safety Company, Firetrol offers individuals training and opportunities to expand their job knowledge and skills beyond the job for which they are initially hired.

Apply Now:  Call 251-661-4237 or send your resume and contact information to

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