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Integrated Security

Integrated Systems: Products & Services

Firetrol Protection Systems has the solution for critical  security, life safety and  loss prevention  needs  - Firetrol Protection Systems optimizes and integrates access control, network video surveillance and all security management functions across an organization.  It leverages existing telecommunications and IT infrastructures, simplifies security operations and reduces life-cycle costs, supporting the bottom-line mission of any enterprise.

Customized to support the needs and objectives of any organization

While the advantages of the security operation are paramount, the rewards of utilizing Firetrol Protection Systems penetrates the enterprise, improving operating efficiency in many areas, including:

Loss prevention
Human Resources

Security advantages include:

Reduced training costs
Improved response times
Universal, single-card access
Consistent reporting
Faster implementation
Scalability and expandability

These advantages are made possible by adherence to critical technical conventions during the design process, including:

Client-server/ open architecture
Network compatibility'
Modular design

These design features make Firetrol Protection System’s solution suitable for organizations, both large and small, and enhance your mission-critical security operations.

Video edge...

Firetrol Protection Systems powerful CCTV management and it is CCTV that gives systems, matrix switching Firetrol Protection Systems's versatile integration its devices and network video transmission systems, all available today, Firetrol Protection Systems offers not only available individually or integrated world-class CCTV components such as IP cameras, monitors, DVR's and mass storage devices and servers, but also a full range of access control Management.

Access Control Management

Firetrol provides solutions that keep our customers in control of their data and their facilities. We help you proactively manage information in several ways that align with your operations.  With our intuitive control, you can quickly assimilate data from multiple sources into easily understood formats. This kind of control helps improve the speed and accuracy of how your staff.

It also helps  keep your training costs and time down. Hardware, software and database independent; Firetrol Protection Systems solutions  can  potentially integrate with your existing systems to help extend your current technology investment. As you look toward the future, you can rely on our open (non-proprietary) system architecture giving you the freedom to utilize technologies that match your business needs and employees.


• Redundant file servers
• Disaster recovery
• Choice of database, including Microsoft" SQL server
• Access control
• Alarm management
• Asset management
• Photo ID
• CCTV integration
• LAN/WAN connectivity
• Distributed architecture

The One Source for Integrated Security Solutions

Firetrol Protection Systems delivers sophisticated security solutions for Fortune 100 companies, major banks, museums, large retail chains, industry-leading multi-location corporations, and Government agencies.

Our team approach to total project management allows you to get solutions to complex security problems.  Comprehensive project services ensure that from the design to the proposal phase, through blueprints, implementation and final inspection, including training - all aspects of your project will be completed with precision.

The One Source for Systems Implementation

We are a premier, national network of skilled professionals.  Our comprehensive services include:

• Systems engineering
• Design
• Training
• Inspection testing
• Commissioning
• Full post-installation support

Our project team of experts, specialists in multi-technology security systems, will assess your specific needs, meet with your planning and architectural staff, then prepare and deliver a proposal to meet your 

As your project requires, we can provide blueprints and computer-aided design (CAD) drawings, or develop detailed documents, appropriate to support the proposal or planning process.

A System Salesperson professional becomes involved in your project during the early stage of the implementation planning.  A Field Project Manager works onsite and is responsible for the day-to-day achievement of the strict time-lines established for every phase of your project--from start-up through implementation to training and final acceptance.


The One Source for Solutions to Complex Security Needs

Our team approach means that our Design Specialists have their fingers on the pulse of the latest advancements in security technologies.  Our professionals can meet all your specialized security needs by integrating the specific technologies to meet the application:

• Integrated system solutions
• Non-Proprietary systems
• Closed Circuit TV (CCTV) surveillance
• Access control systems
• Property protection
• Biometrics
• Networking
• Critical equipment Monitoring
• Intercom and evacuation Systems
• Nurse call systems
• System design services
• 24/7 Monitoring and repair services

The One Source for Security Solutions the Way You Want Them

Firetrol Protection Systems is your One Source for comprehensive solutions for design and implementation of integrated security systems.

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