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Life Safety - Security - Asset Protection - Business Continuity

Trusted to deliver

For more than 40 years Firetrol has been trusted to deliver solutions helping organizations mitigate risk by achieving their protection goals and objectives. Today, Firetrol protects over $3+billion of assets for clients nationwide.





As a recognized expert in local and national fire codes and standards, Firetrol has the expertise and resources to inspect, test, and service your fire protection and life safety systems


Firetrol offers a complete range of fire protection technologies and components. Our technologies meet the highest requirements and can be combined into an effective economic solution.

Fire protection for your industry

Many industries have unique risks and challenges. With decades of experience and our broad range of technologies and services, Firetrol Protection Systems is the right partner where individually tailored solutions are required.

Hospital nurse station
Manufacturing plant
Government & Military 
Government building
Data & Technology
Server racks
University campus
Commercial & Property Management
Corporate park
Firetrol Service Tech

About Firetrol

Firetrol Protection Systems is a multifaceted, full service fire protection contractor, providing design, fabrication, installation, service, and inspection of a wide variety of life safety and automatic fire suppression systems. With district offices throughout South Central United States, Firetrol employs one of the industry's largest and most experienced staffs of engineers, designers, project managers, installers, technicians, and inspectors.

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MXOne - Firefighting Turbine

Innovative fire protection using water mist. The Minimax MXOne high-per­form­ance fire­fight­ing tur­bine rep­res­ents a new gen­er­a­tion of sta­tion­ary fire pro­tec­tion sys­tems.

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