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Technician inspecting industrial piping


Firetrol Protection Systems is a leading fire protection, life safety and security company. Our full service company designs, installs, repairs, services, and inspects a wide variety of fire suppression, life protection, and integrated security systems.

System Design

Engineer using a 3D design program

Defining a path to your fire protection, life safety and integrated security solutions


Aligning your immediate needs, plans for the future, and budget with complex issues such as changing code requirements, advancements in features and equipment abilities, life cycle maintenance costs, and integration into your operation requires a skilled team of professionals.


Our design and engineering teams constantly seek to deliver a comprehensive solution that integrates the best technology available to meet your needs while ensuring that we deliver a constructible and valuable solution.

System Design


Turn-key Solutions for your Fire Protection, Life Safety & Integrated Systems


Understanding your businesses needs is the first step in providing a solution that integrates into your operation efficiently and affordably. Our consulting, design and estimating personnel can review, advise and help you plan out your approach and budget.


Once the goals are defined, the success of a project can often be ascribed to two factors, the safe execution of the work and clear communication between the project teams. To achieve these, we have dedicated personnel to consult, design, install, manage and commission your systems safely and efficiently.  Our teams have experience working directly with owners, as well as general contractors and consultants to deliver projects on time and budget.

Technician installing a sprinkler


Technician servicing fire extinguishers

Trust Our Experts to Inspect Your Fire Protection and Life Safety Systems


Fire protection and life safety systems are required to be inspected by licensed personnel in accordance with national and local codes, authorities having jurisdiction, underwriters and other regulatory authorities.

Our teams of licensed inspectors are able to perform all of the necessary tests to ensure your system is working as intended and provide you with the documentation and history necessary to satisfy regulatory requirements and provide peace of mind that your fire protection and life safety systems are working properly. This is why we offer the ability to access your current and historical information digitally via our ServiceTrade Portal so you always have this information when you need it most. We also provide options that can  generate reports that are designed to meet specific requirements, such as JACO, FM Global and others.


Maintenance & Service

Trust Our Experts to Maintain Your Fire Protection and Life Safety Systems

Protecting your people, facilities, and physical assets from fire is a fundamental responsibility of any business. Completing regularly scheduled testing and servicing of your fire protection and life safety systems is the most cost-effective way to maintain the integrity of your system while also meeting the requirements mandated by national, state, and local fire agencies and by most insurance providers.

Firetrol service teams offer the necessary peace of mind by professionally executing all inspections, maintenance, and repair work. In addition to maintenance, we offer specific measures and programs to ensure that your systems and equipment continue to function correctly and corresponds to the latest technological developments even after years on standby.

Firetrol Protection Systems’ qualified technicians are trained to inspect and maintain:

  • Fire Alarm and Life Safety Equipment

  • Wet-Pipe and Dry-Pipe Fire Sprinkler Systems

  • Pre-Action and Deluge Fire Sprinkler Systems

  • Special Hazard Systems

  • Restaurant Kitchen Systems

  • Fire Suppression Equipment and Systems

  • Backflow Preventors

  • Fire Extinguishers

  • Emergency Lighting

  • Fire Pumps

Worker installing a smoke detector
Maintenance & Service

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