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Structural fires in the United States have declined in number by nearly 40 percent over the last twenty years. Properly installed and maintained fire protection systems have played a significant role in driving this reduction. Protecting your people, facilities, and physical assets from fire is a fundamental responsibility of any business and Firetrol Protection Systems has the in-house expertise and resources to ensure that you're protected and in compliance.

Fire sprinkler at an industrial site

Fire Sprinkler Systems

Consistent results in constantly evolving industries

Protection starts with a plan and requires constant attention

Firetrol maintains a staff of dedicated professionals that are trained and certified to design, install and maintain fire protection that allow us to bring value from the inception of our clients projects with budgeting, conceptual design, and code compliance/review. These steps build the foundation for successful projects by making sure that budgets are met, schedules are maintained and occupancy is approved by the governing authorities. Once installed, we continue to provide support to our team by providing the inspections, maintenance, and service necessary to ensure that the system is in good working order and provide the documentation you need to confirm that your facility is in compliance.

Fire Protection systems are designed to perform in all types of situations
Technician installing a fire sprinkler head

Fire protection and sprinkler systems must be able to perform in different environments and provide protection for various types of hazards. In order to accomplish this, we work with a number of manufacturers and distributors to bring together the best technology with proven performance to provide solutions like:

  • Wet Systems

  • Dry Systems

  • Pre-Action Systems

  • Deluge Systems

  • Standpipe / Hose systems

  • Fire Line Equipment

  • Fire Pumps and Water Storage

  • Backflow Preventers

Are your facilities protected?

Find an office location near you to schedule your design review, repair, service, or inspection.

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