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Fire Suppression systems are designed to detect and extinguish dangerous situations in locations where standard fire sprinkler systems are not adequate. Firetrol Protection Systems is an expert at protecting sensitive and valuable environments such as high-tech server and clean rooms, power and petrochemical plants, telecom switching rooms, and aircraft hangars. Firetrol Protection Systems is certified to install a full range of dry chemical, gaseous and foam extinguishing fire suppression systems.

Fire suppressant tanks

Fire Suppression Systems

Consistent results in constantly evolving industries

Gaseous, Clean Agent and Water Mist Fire Suppression Systems

Firetrol recognizes that many for many of our clients, the impact of business disruption to a clients communications, data or critical infrastructure can often pose a greater risk to their business than a fire itself. We strive to minimize this risk by providing a complete range of fire suppression options to our clients so the best overall approach can be provided for any application. Comprehensive solutions from suppressing fires with inert gases,  clean chemical agents or water-mist can be specified, designed and installed to meet your businesses specific needs using technologies such as:

  • Novec 1230              

  • FM-200

  • Ecaro-25

  • Inert Gas

  • Argon

  • CO2

  • Water-Mist

  • MXOne 

Worker inspecting industrial pipes
Foam and Dry Chemical Systems

Not all fire hazards are the same, so the ability to provide specialized systems to protect against all forms of fire risk is part of what makes Firetrol different and better. From grease fires to exotic flammable metals, dry chemical agents provide protection from some very diverse hazards. Foam systems are critical in certain types of hazards, especially when protection against liquid or pooling fires is necessary. We have experts available to help determine the available solutions for your applications including:

  • High Expansion Foam

  • Low and Mid expansion Foams

  • AFFF Systems

  • Alcohol Resistant Foams

  • Fixed and Mobile Solutions

  • Dry chemical Systems

  • Vehicle Systems

  • Local Application Systems

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