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Texas DIR

Department of Information Resources Mission

The mission of the Texas Department of Information Resources is to serve Texas government by leading the state's technology strategy, protecting state technology infrastructure, and offering innovative and cost-effective solutions for all levels of government.

Firetrol Protection Systems, Inc. is proud to hold a DIR cooperative contract.

For more information about the DIR Cooperative Contract Program, click here.

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Contract Overview

Firetrol Protection Systems, Inc., provides installation, maintenance, and related services for security systems and life safety systems. Products include, but are not limited to: security, access control platforms, CCTV platforms, and emergency alert/mass notification systems.  Contracts may be used by state and local government, public education, other public entities in Texas, as well as public entities outside the state. Resellers are not available for this Vendor.

General Information
DIR Contractor:  Firetrol Protection Systems, Inc.
DIR Contract Number:  DIR-CPO-4501
Contract Term End Date:  21 October 2024
Contract Expiration Date:  21 October 2025

Products & Services Offered

  • IT Security Software/Hardware

  • Maintenance - Hardware

  • Security Services

  • Surveillance, Security and Monitoring

Available Brands

  • American Dynamics

  • Bosch

  • Software House

  • Services

Contract Pricing
Firetrol Service and Product Pricing


  1. Contact your local Firetrol Sales Representative or request a quote via email.

  2. Generate a Purchase Order (PO) made payable to Firetrol Protection Systems, Inc. (You must reference the DIR Contract Number DIR-CPO-4501 on your PO)

  3. Email or fax your PO and quote form to your designated vendor sales representative.

Contact Information
Phone:  (512) 687-0115
Fax:  (480) 452-0402

Warranty and Return Policy​​​
Seller agrees that for a period of one (1) year after completion of said service it will, at its expense, repair or replace defective materials or workmanship supplied or performed during this service/repair by Seller. Upon completion of the service work, the system will be turned over to the Purchaser fully inspected, tested, and in operative condition. As it is thereafter the responsibility of the Purchaser to maintain it in operative condition, it is understood that the Seller does not guarantee the operation of the system. Seller further warrants the products of other manufacturers supplied hereunder, to the extent of the warranty of the respective manufacturer but no longer than one-year. ALL OTHER EXPRESS OR IMPLIED WARRANTIES OF MERCHANTABILITY OF FITNESS OR OTHERWISE ARE HEREBY EXCLUDED.

Visit the Texas DIR website to view the entire detail for Contract DIR-CPO-4501.

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