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Solutions for commercial and property management applications

Commercial fire protection systems

A partnership of Service and Safety

Firetrol works diligently with local Property Management Companies found in each area, as well as the Commercial Property Associations (BOMA, AAFAME, ACOE, Apartment Associations, etc).  Through these relationships and partnerships, Firetrol is able to assist the Property Management Companies in many ways which lifts a responsibility from their already busy schedules and that also improves the quality of their Life Safety Plan for each of their locations.

Corporate park

What makes Firetrol different?

Consistent results in constantly evolving industries

Firetrol Protection Systems is a service organization, first and foremost.  Our goal is to be ready and equipped when a building engineer, property manager or owner calls with a need.  Each office is set up with the appropriate resources and infrastructure to ensure our commercial business partners’ needs are met timely and completely.  From our inventory-stocked warehouses, to our 24 hour on call services, to our multi-licensed technicians, and everything in between, Firetrol has established a system whereby our commercial property partners’ needs are the priority.

Firetrol Protection Systems provides services which greatly enhance the customer experience for our commercial property partners, such as assigned, designated Sales Representative for each property to work directly with the building engineers and property managers in addressing any life safety need. Designated service departments with multi-licensed technicians & inspectors who ensure that life safety systems and inspections are addressed timely and completely by a single source.  Furthermore we have design and construction departments that can assist with tenant finishes and improvements as well as new construction, allowing continuity to flow through all aspects of a property manager or owners life safety program 

Proven solutions for complex applications

Firetrol has the experience and resources to identify the hazards and provide trusted solutions.

  • Deluge/Water Spray Systems

  • Foam Systems

  • Fire Alarm & Detection Systems

  • Notification Systems

  • Dry Chemical Systems

  • Mass Notification Systems

  • Clean Agent/ Inerting/ CO2 Systems

  • Integrated Security & CCTV

  • Special Hazard Applications

Office building complex

Is your property protected?

Find an office location near you to schedule your design review, repair, service, or inspection.

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