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Solutions for Today's Technology

A plan you can rely on

Firetrol Protection Systems is a leading fire protection, integrated security, and life safety company, providing the highest quality design, fabrication and installation services for a wide variety of automatic fire suppression and alarm and detection systems. Our trained and experienced professionals have the technical expertise to ensure that each project is professionally engineered and installed to meet the most demanding specifications.

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Tailored to suit your needs

Special hazard systems are designed to detect and extinguish dangerous situations in locations where standard fire suppression systems are not adequate. Firetrol Protection Systems is an expert at protecting sensitive and valuable environments such as high tech server and clean rooms, power and petrochemical plants, telecom switching rooms, and aircraft hangars. Firetrol Protection Systems is certified to install a full range of dry chemical, gaseous and foam extinguishing fire suppression systems.

Taking data security and integrity seriously

Firetrol Protection Systems understands that ensuring the integrity of your clients' data goes beyond cybersecurity, it also requires stringent physical security measures. We have the solution for your critical security needs. We optimize and integrate security management functions across your business and facilities. Our professionals can meet all your specialized security needs by integrating the specific technologies to meet the application:

  • CCTV Surveillance

  • Access control systems

  • Property protection

  • Biometrics

  • Intercom and evacuation systems

  • Critical equipment monitoring

  • System design services

  • 24/7 monitoring and repair services

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Is your facility protected?

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